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Independent thinkers welcome

BOOST&Co creates innovative, tailored lending for Europe’s most promising SMEs.

Because we understand dynamic, entrepreneurial companies (we are one) we find and back great management teams.

Because we are independent, managing our own capital and making our own decisions, we can think beyond rigid lending models.

Instead BOOST&Co designs highly individual financing solutions that help deliver growth. It's called precision lending.

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If you come from warm countries, talk to the team in Paris.
If on the other hand, you come from cold countries give our team in London a ring.

London office

+ 44 207 837 76 60


The Mews
1A Birkenhead Street
London WC1H 8BA
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Paris office

+33 6 19 39 24 23



14 bis rue Daru
75008 Paris

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?


1. What’s the difference between BOOST&Co and banks?

We finance more, earlier and in more complex situations than banks. We also make up our minds a lot faster – and with more certainty of execution.

2. What is precision lending?

A more flexible form of financing than traditional bank or equipment financing. It’s ideal for fast-growing companies who are looking for stable, non-dilutive capital.

3. When is the best time to take on senior growth lending?

When you need it. There’s no fixed criteria for this. We look at deals on their own merits and don’t want to be prescriptive. However, we work hard to establish that there’s a good growth-generating reason for funding your company.

4. Do I need to be backed by a VC or other institutional investor?


5. Do I need to be profitable?


We will have to understand how and when you will become profitable and how we will be repaid. We don’t extend bridge loans to companies.

6. Do you take board seats in companies you lend to?

No. Though we sometimes ask for an observer seat on the board of very early-stage companies.

7. Do you have a MAC clause in your documents?

Yes. Like most commercial lenders, we include a Material Adverse Change (MAC) clause in our documents. A “Material Adverse Change” includes changes in business, operations or financial condition and can constitute an event of default.

8. Are there covenants in your loans?

Yes and no. Yes - when the financing is dependent on a future event or dependant on specific contracts. No - as a general rule. Covenants are conditions which you have to fulfill in order to maintain an outstanding loan. If you don't comply with a covenant the loan can be considered in default. Covenants include financial ratios, cash ratios and equity raised.

9. How are your financings secured?

We take security interests in assets as collateral. These depend on where you are and what you do. Generally, they fall into two categories: security on specific assets or security on all of the assets of your company.