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Independent thinkers welcome

BOOST&Co creates innovative, tailored lending for Europe’s most promising SMEs.

Because we understand dynamic, entrepreneurial companies (we are one) we find and back great management teams.

Because we are independent, managing our own capital and making our own decisions, we can think beyond rigid lending models.

Instead BOOST&Co designs highly individual financing solutions that help deliver growth. It's called precision lending.

Get in touch, we'd like to hear from you

If you come from warm countries, talk to the team in Paris.
If on the other hand, you come from cold countries give our team in London a ring.

London office

+44 207 236 4740 


5 Old Bailey


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Paris office

+33 6 19 39 24 23



14 bis rue Daru
75008 Paris

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1. What’s the difference between BOOST&Co and banks?

We finance more, earlier and in more complex situations than banks. We also make up our minds a lot faster – and with more certainty of execution.

2. What is a venture loan? What is venture debt?

A more flexible form of financing than traditional bank or equipment financing. It’s ideal for fast-growing companies who are looking for stable, non-dilutive capital. Check out our venture debt page for more information.

3. What is a growth business loan?

It's a type of financing available to established, growing technology businesses, who are looking to borrow more than banks to fund specific growth projects (like international expansion, acquistions). Check out our growth business loan page for more information.

4. What is a startup business loan?

It's a type of financing available to young technology companies who are emerging and do not yet have access to bank debt. Check out our startup business loan page for more information.

5. How much do your loans cost?

It depends because all of our loans are specific to individual companies. Check out the "terms" section of each of our product pages for more details on loan pricing - here is the link for venture loans, for growth business loans and startup business loans.

6. How do I get a loan from you?

Best to start with a conversation, so get in touch by email or phone us directly.  

7. What information do I need to provide you to get a loan?

A basic company presentation to start with and then more detailed financial information as the discussion progresses. For more details on the information you'll need, check this guide to raising debt and further information on our lending process.

8. How long does it take to get a loan from you?

Usually six to eight weeks, though we can fund loans faster if there is a hard deadline (like an acquistion).

9. How do I get in touch with you?

You should contact our London office if you are from the UK or Northen Europe. If you are from Germany, France, Spain or Southern Europe contact our Paris office. Here are the details of both our offices